MAZUR Solar Thermal HVAC System is a waste heat driven heating and cooling system designed by Wojciech Stan Mazur. It is based on European installations but re-engineered by Stan Mazur using American, German, and Japan components to create new energy efficiencies for residential and commercial use.
  The Mazur Solar Thermal HVAC system installed in North Stamford in 2013 is the first system of its kind installed and in use in the United States. It meets the needs not only of a 12,000 sq. ft. residence/office space but also outbuildings that include a large chicken coop.
 This innovative HVAC system, which has been certified by the CT DPUC, is SCALABLE for residential and commercial properties, making solar thermal energy efficiencies and cost benefits available and practical for homeowners and commercial users with properties as small as 4,500 sq. ft. and up.

 Energy self-sufficiency 24/7; not affected by power outages
 Reduces the carbon footprint, with no negative environmental impact
 Net generation of electricity returned to the grid
 Fastest ROI compared with most commonly used solar photovoltaic and geo thermal systems

Fill the liquid propane tank just once a year for energy self-sufficiency

Waste heat is generated by co-generator and solar thermal system.

This waste heat is stored in the water tank for heating the water in the main residence or commercial space and any outbuildings, to be used for:

  • generating heating or cooling
  • sanitizing
  • commercial processing

The absorption chiller/heater generates heating or cooling with very little electric energy use.

Absorption chillers do not have compressors. The heat used in the process creates the cooling effect  during chemical process so it takes a fraction of electric power required with other systems.

This process creates very efficient conditions for the co-generator to run nonstop if needed, to create electric power, hot water, heating and air conditioning. The power produced meets all of the property’s energy needs, even during a power outage. Surplus electricity is sent to the grid which further improves R0I. The waste heat system has a distinct advantage over existing solar and geo-thermal systems as a dependable net generator of electricity.

Comparison of system requirements to heat/cool
12,000 sq ft Barn-style
Brown Family Farm/Residence and outbuildings
in Fairfield County, CT

Mazur Solar Thermal Waste Heat System  


Geo-thermal Systems

Maximum $300,000 total installation cost

No environmental destruction

System doesn’t have a compressor. It produces electric power and sends surplus to the grid.

100% coverage of property’s electric power generation; system can run continually, even during sustained power outages

15% grants and 30% tax breaks*

Quiet. There is no compressor. The entire system can be installed in the basement.

ROI 7 – 10 years
Minimum $400,000 total installation costs

Property drilling creates contamination hazard

System compressors consume a lot of electric power

Do not provide emergency generation

15% grants and 30% tax breaks*

Noisy compressors require exterior installation.

ROI 20 years
* Grants and tax breaks vary for different parts of the system and differ in time.
Comparison of system components

Mazur Solar Thermal Waste Heat System  


Geo-thermal Systems


Ritter Solar CPC 18

20 year factory warranty

Generating 3 kW energy output requires one Solar CPC 18 Panel (30 sq.ft.)

No glycol in system mean no annual service

CPC 18 can fire and run Air Conditioning


Produces electric energy and hot water

Quiet. Allows inside installation in the basement of building

Together with controls and small battery bank, it can control a load three times bigger than other systems. A 10 kW unit is able to run up to a 30 kW load.

1 kW produced is three times less expensive than one purchased from grid. It can be run nonstop and still lower energy costs.


Chemical reaction with heat supply creates cooling effect

Quiet enough to be installed in the basement.

Uses very little electric power
A 10 TON unit draws 20 Amp



Highest efficiency available

20 year factory warranty

Generating 3 kW energy output requires 10 times the Solar PV coverage (300 sq. ft.)

No annual service

Solar PV covering the same area is not able to run an Air Conditioning System


Produces electric energy but wastes the heat

Very noisy. Outside installation.

Lacks the flexibility to support a larger or smaller load. A 10 kW unit is able to support only a 10 kW load.

1 kW produced is five times more expensive than one purchased from the grid


Electric driven compressors create cooling effect

Very noisy. Must be installed outdoors.

Uses a lot of electric power
A 10 TON unit draws 70 Amp

1 Ritter Solar CPC 18 solar thermal system (Germany) - Wet vacuum tube panels with parabolic reflectors producing heat.

2 YANMAR micro co-generator (Japan)- Natural gas or propane fired generator where electricity and heat is properly directed for use.

3 YAZAKI absorption chiller (Japan) - Chemical reaction driven by supplied heat creates cooling effect where no compressor is used.


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