MAZUR Mechanical Solar Thermal HVAC System
"Waste heat driven heating and cooling system" – designed by Stan Mazur based on European installations but re-engineered using American, German, and Japanese components to create new energy efficiencies for residential and commercial use. The installation in North Stamford is the first system of its kind installed and in use in the United States. This innovative HVAC system is SCALABLE – down to 5000 sq ft and up to no maximum.

Just fill the liquid propane tank once a year for self sufficiency

"Waste heat" is generated by *micro co-generator and **solar thermal system. This heat is stored in water tank for heating the utility water for sanitizing, commercial processing and for generating heating or cooling in the buildings. Heating or cooling is generated in absorption chiller/heaterwith very little electric energy use. ***Absorption chillers do not have compressors, instead during chemical process it uses only heat which is almost free. To run the chemical absorption process it uses only fraction of electric power. This creates very efficient conditions for co-generator to run as long as possible to create electric power and heat. Produced power covers all electric needs of the facility even during power outage and surplus electricity is send to grid creating additional income.

   *  micro co-generator - YANMAR- natural gas or propane fired generator where electricity and heat is properly directed for use.
 **  solar thermal system - Ritter Solar CPC 18 - Wet vacuum tube panels with parabolic reflectors producing heat.
***  absorption chiller - YAZAKI - chemical reaction driven by supplied heat creates cooling effect where no compressor is used.
Mazur Solar Thermal HVAC System
Installed in USA
Brown’s Family Farm in Stamford

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